Addiction and Counseling Training

(Once a year for a group of more than 20 participants only)




Anuradhapura district is identified as having the highest prevalence of alcohol use in Sri Lanka in 2019. The number of trained healthcare workers is grossly inadequate to help alcohol users to stop alcohol consumption in Anuradhapura district. Therefore, it is of high importance to train the necessary skills to counsellors to help individuals with alcohol misuse.


Objectives and Outcomes

Trainees should be able to identify individuals with substance use disorders and carry out effective counselling for individuals with substance misuse.

  1. Identify individuals with psychoactive substances
  2. Understand the substance use disorders
  3. Understand the basic neurobiological understanding of addiction
  4. Understand the addiction behaviour
  5. Understand the factors that determine the initiation and maintenance of substance-taking behaviour.
  6. How to make a difference in the life of individuals who use psychoactive substances.
  7. Understand the brief intervention and motivational interviewing.
  8. Acquire skills required to perform an effective brief intervention and motivational interviewing.


Each module of the training program will consist of the following

  1. Pre-reading material sent to the trainees before the session.
  2. Preparatory material like videos where appropriate to be used for skills training.
  3. Tutorials will focus on important aspects of communication skills, case formulation and identification issues pertaining to the addiction discussed.
  4. Case-based discussions focus on counselling for individuals addicted to psychoactive substances.



  1. Continuous Assessment will be carried out during the training of each module.
  2. At the end of the program, trainees will be given multiple-choice questions and structured essay questions to assess their theoretical understanding.
  3. Assessment of observed stations of simulated patient counselling will be given to assess the skills, practical application knowledge and attitude.


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