FMAS provides hostel accommodation facilities for the undergraduate medical students from first to final year which in total is about seven hundred male and female students. All the students who are eligible, in terms of distance to the faculty premises, are given hostel facilities. Currently there are two university owned internal hostel complexes; located in Saliyapura FMAS premises (Vijayabahu hostel), and in Anuradhapura town area (Pandukabhaya Hostel) close to Professorial Unit, Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura. In addition there are ten external hostels rented by RUSL, to cater  the needs of current student community . Residential students are provided with transport facilities to and from Saliyapura FMAS premises and Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura.  Student needs are well looked after by a readily contactable efficient staff team including sub wardens and wardens. Besides, the support and care for students are further heightened through a hostel committee headed by the Dean, FMAS.