Biochemistry ‘the chemistry of life’ explores the chemical processes within and related to living organisms bringing biology and chemistry together. Sound knowledge on the principles of biochemical mechanisms involved in maintaining the integrity and homeostasis of living organisms provides the foundation to explore the basis of disease, diagnosis, and management. Department of Biochemistry was established as a preclinical department parallel to the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine on 11th of September 2006. From its inception, the Department of Biochemistry is highly committed to teaching-learning activities of the medical undergraduate programme, postgraduate teaching and supervision, and medical research. The core of our undergraduate programme includes cellular biochemistry, human genetics, human nutrition, and clinical and applied biochemistry, setting up a prime platform towards forming a quality medical doctor. We conduct lectures, laboratory-based practical classes, small group discussions, problem-based learning, and seminars.

Department of Biochemistry provides facilities for postgraduate research degrees and conducts special biochemical investigations requested by the Teaching Hospital, Anuradhapura in addition to the basic biochemical investigations. The department carries out research activities particularly in the fields of analytical biochemistry, human nutrition, human immunology, and molecular diagnostics. It is equipped with a well-established student laboratory, postgraduate research laboratory, and cell culture laboratory to facilitate teaching and research activities to meet the evolving needs in the field.