The Department of Microbiology established in July 2008 is responsible for teaching undergraduates in medical microbiology and conducting research related to infectious diseases. In future, the department hopes to offer research training to students leading to Master’s and Doctoral degrees depending on the availability of expertise and resources

The department is housed on the ground floor and second floor of the para-clinical building. It comprises of a well equipped diagnostic laboratory, a research laboratory that meets national and international standards, and office rooms for academic and non academic staff.

The department uses a common Multi Disciplinary Laboratory, common lecture theatres, seminar rooms and computer laboratory for student teaching and learning activities.

The basic objectives are to provide an understanding of the biology of pathogenic microorganisms, interaction between the organisms and their human hosts, available treatment and preventive measures. This knowledge will guide the students to provide proper diagnosis and advice on treatment and prevention to the general public, as future medical practitioners.