Being located in the historic ancient Rajarata Kingdom in the dry zone of the island with a high prevalence of tropical diseases, the department of Parasitology is strongly committed to equip medical undergraduates with sound knowledge, skills and attitudes on tropical diseases. Further, the department is endeavoring to generate knowledge on tropical diseases of interest in the region as well as the country through innovative research. In addition, the department is providing diagnostic services, related to tropical diseases, to the healthcare system. Novel and innovative approaches towards the development of affordable diagnostics for tropical diseases also becomes a key focus for the department.

The Department of Parasitology has its own departmental space with fully equipped diagnostic and research laboratories for student, diagnostic and research laboratories situated within the new para-clinical building complex. In addition, the department maintains an animal house to facilitate the laboratory animal research. Currently, the multi-disciplinary laboratory for medical students is also maintained by the department.

The dedicated academic staff of the department includes two professors and two lecturers. The non-academic staff; two technical officers, a computer application assistant and two laboratory attendants are providing an invaluable service to the department.