Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences 

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka

Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)

Policy Document on Internal Quality Assurance of Faculty of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Rajarata University of Sri Lanka




This committee receives its mandate from the Director/ Faculty Quality Assurance Unit (FQAU) /Rajarata University of Sri Lanka in consultation with dean and faculty board. It has an executive function, monitoring, evaluating and enacting policies relevant to the MBBS program. It ensures that the program is complies with relevant accreditation standards. It has responsibility for the monitoring, evaluation, and continual improvement of the medical curriculum. The FQAC reports on a regular basis, its decisions and recommendations to the department heads, Dean and the Faculty board.



The membership of the Committee shall be the Dean, all the heads or representatives, Assistant Registrar, Technical Officers, Student Representatives and committee members of subject committees. Faculty board from amongst its membership shall appoint the Chair of the FQAC.



  1. a) The quorum shall be one third of the membership.
  2. b) The committee shall not meet without the chair being present or a substantive replacement nominated by him/her.

Major responsibilities

  • Regular reviewing and monitoring of the outcome-based performance indicators of the MBBS program to ensure that the program is up-to-date and congruent with the national, regional and global requirements. Make recommendations to improve the programme content, delivery and assessment processes.
  • Monitors students’ academic progress and makes final decisions with respect to promotion and graduation in collaboration with CDC.
  • Evaluates the program, in part by ensuring that student feedback on learning activities, teachers and the learning environment is solicited and analyzed, via internal and national surveys, and by tracking student accomplishment on internal and national examinations, linking the performance levels to specific program objective in collaboration with CDC.
  • Establishment of Faculty QA Cells and defining their duties and responsibilities
  • Liaising with FQAC of the university.
  • Facilitate to internalize good practices among all the departments
  • Conducting internal reviews of the faculty
  • Reporting all QA related activities to the faculty board and university QA unit
  • Coordinating all QA related activities within the faculty and providing advice on QA to departments
  • Monitoring of teaching learning framework of each department
  • Implementing reviews (course/ teacher/peer/ student support) and taking follow up action.
  • Conducting tracer studies
  • Conducting faculty level awareness programmes on quality assurance.
  • Preparing self-evaluation report on programme review.
  • Preparation of QA-related guidelines and manuals of the faculty


Notice of Meeting

The Committee shall meet once in three months and otherwise as required. Members of the Committee shall normally be given at least seven days’ notice of a meeting.