1. What are the required documents?
a. Duly completed Application Form for new Student Enrolment with Enrolment Fee
b. Duly completed Application form for Special Skills of Students
c. Duly completed Application for the University Student Identity Card
d. Duly completed Application form for the Residential Facilities
e. Duly completed Application form for Students’ Physical Attributes and Sports Achievements
e. Birth Certificate (Certified true copy)
f.  Affidavit /Certificate of Samanera /Marriage certificate/ amended Birth Certificate, if there is a difference in the name
g. G.C.E O/L Certificate/ Result Sheet (Certified true copy)
h.  G.C.E A/L certificate/ Result Sheet (Certified true copy)
i. School Student Record Sheet/ School Leaving Certificate* (Certified true copy)
j. National Identity Card/ Passport (Certified true copy)
k. Six Copies of 4x5 cm Size Color Photographs of the Applicant


*School leaving certificate is not required, if it has already been sent to the UGC along with the admission form.

*Photocopies must be certified by a Justice of the Peace (JP) or Principle of a School.